Are we looking at "Flyback"?

Bryan Haskins kingofallhearts999 at
Sun Jan 6 02:40:21 UTC 2008

No ones stopping anyone from trying to make a package to submit. If you're
standing around waiting, you could be working on a testing package and
expedite the process. Then get in contact with an MOTU, or post it for
testing. Plenty of more info on the wiki on the matter. Good luck, it looks
interesting. I might try it some time myself.

On Jan 5, 2008 9:12 PM, Conrad Knauer <atheoi at> wrote:

> On Jan 5, 2008 7:54 PM, Jonathan Musther <jmusther at> wrote:
> > > Flyback -
> > >
> > > Either for inclusion in hardy or in the repos?
> >
> > That looks good.  If we had something like this, could we dispose of the
> > standard trash and just have this?
> I've been using it for a while; it works quite nicely with an external
> HD in terms of just plain backing up data once in a while (what I use
> it for) via incremental update rather than a monolithic update.  The
> UI isn't quite friendly enough just yet IMHO, but it seems to run
> without incident.
> I would caution though that there was very rapid early growth in
> version numbers, but its been stopped at 0.4.0 for a while now, so
> check to see if its being actively developed before moving to replace
> Trash outright.
> CK
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