ghc6 (Haskell compiler) becoming old

Paul Dufresne dufresnep at
Sun Jan 6 07:15:18 UTC 2008

One of my new year resolution is to become a not too bad Haskell
programmer in 2008.
That said, I would like to have latest development version of ghc6
(Glasgow Haskell Compiler) which is the most well known Haskell
compiler in Haskell community, inside Hardy.

Unfortunately, Debian Sid just have the 6.6.1 version (that was
released april 26, 2007) and the current version on ghc web site is
6.8.2. (released december 12, 2007).
See for Debian packages.
See for upstream version.

According to
we should expect to find latest version at:
but even there it is only at 6.6.1 (oct 12, 2006), see:
(Please don't ask me how they had 6.6.1 for Debian oct 12, 2006, as it
was released only april 26, 2007, I don't know)

I found that, but I am not sure how relevant it is:
It seems to be very recently updated (3 days ago).

I am pretty sure there is/was a Debian Haskell mailing list, but I
don't find it any more in:

I am not an Ubuntu nor Debian developer.
I could consider to try packaging it, but as this is a pretty complicated

*Maybe* the reason is that many sub libraries need to be rebuilt with
a new compiler,
and *maybe* this is a lot of job, I don't know.

Hope someone here can inform me better about this.

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