Strawman: Change the Ubuntu Release Cycle

Evan eapache at
Sat Jan 5 20:24:06 UTC 2008

There have been a lot of ideas tossed around on this thread, but the general
consensus seems to be that non-LTS releases (Gutsy in particular) are
somewhat unstable. Backports used with LTS releases are useful, but (correct
me if I'm wrong here) they don't provide new features such as compiz-fusion
or tracker, they only upgrade currently installed packages.

Perhaps a more stringent inclusion policy would suffice, so that things such
as 7.3 which can't make it in time for the release get dropped
entirely and included in the next version, rather than get partially
included and cause various problems.

As well, perhaps backports should be advertised a bit more. Otherwise sites
like Getdeb will be swamped when Firefox 3 comes out. Pretty much anybody
who knows of the release will want to upgrade (especially given it's good
reviews so far).

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