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> Tim Hawkins wrote:
> > Connecting and transferring data online during an offline media install
> > is not an expected activity,
> No? why not? Its just getting updates!

It doesn't really matter what "it" *is* "just" doing, what (only) matters in
this case is the user's perception.

I would still say that the thread starter's position is really somewhat in
excess in the way he describes it,
but i will *fully* agree with the issue, that connecting for updates should
be given consent to first.

It's merely a formality, but a not unimportant one at that.

BTW when starting Firefox you know what you are doing because you are
starting it and know it's going online;
there might be people who don't but those probably won't be installing an OS
either, and if they do, why not warn
even these people about a connection attempt anyway?

Ubiquity is the first contact of users with their OS of choice (apparently
so, since they are installing it), and the
first impression should be only the best.

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