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Le Thursday 25 December 2008 à 22:40 +0200, Dotan Cohen a écrit :
> 2008/12/25 Manish Sinha < at>:
> > I again repeat the above line since bandwidth is one of the two main
> > issues, first being the installer connecting to the internet without
> > user's consent.
> >
> Having the network cable plugged in implies consent. If you don't want
> you computer connecting to a network, then don't plug it in. I have
> lived in areas of limited and expensive bandwidth, and even for a
> desktop with the network cable under the desk, it seemed common sense
> that so long as it was plugged in, something would try to connect.

Sorry, you are generalising from your own perceptions. The original
complaint was clearly set against going out into the wild Internet
without asking first (and, <gasp/>, downloading other/new programmes).

I agree with it. If I have a full CD with Ubuntu, I do not expect it to
get into the Internet without telling me first, no matter what.

If being connected is what it takes to get out, then warn/suggest the
user to disconnect if no such contact is wanted. But never expect
*implicit*, *implied*, consents to have been given.

The fact that something will try to connect if a connection is available
is the root of the problem. The default should be *NO* connection unless
explicitly allowed, be it out or in.
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