PulseAudio integration issues

Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 18:21:20 UTC 2008

Daniel T Chen says (after I poked him and forwarded him the original
email, since he's extremely behind on list mails):
Feel free to forward my thoughts to u-d-d.

I've been away from development for a bit, so I'll chime in here.

WRT 198453, the only piece holding back Kubuntu and Xubuntu is a
missing merge for the pulse pcm+ctl alsa-plugins source that falls
back to ALSA if an environment variable internal to PulseAudio isn't
set.  I'll take some time to put this in an alsa-plugins bzr branch
for testing.  Several people in #ubuntu-mozillateam/Freenode have
noticed issues in my bzr branch of alsa-lib.  The aforementioned issue
goes away with said merge.

WRT 258581, the changes are fine to go into the alsa-utils source
package but also need to be (in light of the above fix) in the
alsa-lib source package.

WRT 246911, the ia32-libs source package needs to generate an
additional binary package that ships the dependencies for the new
Flash 10 RC.  Care is needed so that Kubuntu users don't get

WRT 192888, some time ago I mentioned to Oliver, Luke, and Alexander
on IRC that libflashsupport needs to go away in 8.10.  Fixes mentioned
in the preceding two paragraphs are necessary.

WRT 257043, the workaround may be acceptable in the interim, but
coordination is necessary in #ubuntu-mozillateam to ensure that it's
not in place unless absolutely necessary.  The packaging itself would
need to be fixed:  one cannot assume that /etc/adobe can be blown away
blindly in prerm, and the addition to what should be a conffile should
not occur in postinst.

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