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Mon Aug 11 22:14:53 UTC 2008

And here's a nice blog post about the latest improvements to empathy--

I got that off the ubuntu forums thread which initially had bad reactions
(due to people trying to outdated version) but then more people showed
support towards the end

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> Here's a great example i just saw on Digg:
> (and here's the digg link)
> Also, i think testing Empathy is a great idea. If it ends up being included
> in Ubuntu, i don't see any real problems. Anyone who is so attached to
> pidgin will simply install it. New users will be fine and happy with Empathy
> and all its benefits.
> Either way, we're just testing it! If we don't test it we could be missing
> out on something that would be really great.
> On Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 7:05 PM, <andrew-ubuntu-devel at>wrote:
>> I'm a bit confused about the desired outcome of this proposal.  From the
>> discussion, it seems to be an attempt to get more developers looking at
>> a new messaging framework with the potential to do all sorts of weird
>> and wonderful things.  If so, then replacing Pidgin as the default IM
>> client seems like a bad plan - I would expect devs to already have a
>> favourite IM client, which they'll install unless they have a compelling
>> reason to switch.  On the other hand, I'd expect newbies to use the
>> default because they don't know they have a choice.  That would lead to
>> a small developer base supporting a lot of users submitting bug reports
>> about making Empathy a better IM client, which would take developer time
>> away from being creative.
>> Could you give some examples of existing Ubuntu applications that would
>> benefit from integrating (lib)empathy?
>> 	- Andrew
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