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Xavier Claessens xclaesse at
Sun Aug 10 15:59:19 UTC 2008

I doubt the contest is meaningful for packages installed by default...
Having pidgin/ekiga installed does not mean actually using it. Or am I

Xavier Claessens.

2008/8/10 Andrew Sayers <andrew-ubuntu-devel at>

> Alexander Jones wrote:
> > 2008/8/10 Luke L <lukehasnoname at>:
> >> Pidgin works terrificly, and is stable. Ekiga covers the rest. This
> would be
> >> a pretty big switch in terms of volume of users, and Intrepid is only
> 2.5
> >> months away. I believe this should be put on hold.
> >
> > Saying that Ekiga meets the VoVi needs of Pidgin users is pretty
> > ridiculous. It's SIP for a start, nobody uses SIP, and for the few
> According to the popularity contest[1], Ekiga is the 464th
> most-frequently-used package in the whole of Ubuntu, while Pidgin is the
> 628th.  That's comparable to Evolution (448th) or or Wine (647th).
> Although popcon data is only representative of people that have
> installed the popcon package, it's reasonable to say that both Ekiga and
> Pidgin are meeting the needs of a large group of users.
> I'm not arguing that these packages must never be touched, just that we
> need to think long and hard before ripping them out.  I'd be much more
> swayed by the argument when Empathy starts to realise some of its
> game-changing potential.
>        - Andrew
> [1]
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