Brainstorm ML and Ubuntu's own summer of code?

Nicolas Deschildre ndeschildre at
Thu Apr 24 19:17:28 UTC 2008


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Hardy is now out, and the UDS and FOSScamp are next. The ideas at the
Ubuntu Brainstorm website will, or will not be a great source of
inspiration during these events, we will see.

Meanwhile, if you are interested as an Ubuntu developer to discuss how
to make the website more efficient for you, to discuss its mechanism,
or if you are interested as a Brainstorm moderator to comment your
tools, please join the new Brainstorm Mailing list at

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce an idea that I
see as a natural follow-up to the Brainstorm website: an event similar
to the Google Summer of Code, that would be launched every development
cycle. Basically the concept would be similar to GSoC except that the
motivation factor would not be money but the fact that the
contribution would be included in Ubuntu's next version (granted it is
completed on time). The event would cover Ubuntu "extensions", and
involves coding, but also packaging, documentation, i18n, .... A
proposed schedule would be: selection of tasks at the UDS, one month
for the "pupils" selection process, and the time remaining before
feature freeze to complete the tasks. Finally, to make potential
contributors benefit from it, the "pupils" would be asked to put
online a "report" where they would explain how they worked.
That's a rough idea yet that I'd like to discuss at the FOSScamp if
people are interested. Please comment :)


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