Brainstorm ML and Ubuntu's own summer of code?

Bryce Harrington bryce at
Thu Apr 24 19:29:45 UTC 2008

Hi Nicolas,

This sounds like a great idea, let us know if you get strong interest
from students to participate, I'd be happy to mentor for Xorg oriented


On Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 09:17:28PM +0200, Nicolas Deschildre wrote:
> Hi!
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> Hardy is now out, and the UDS and FOSScamp are next. The ideas at the
> Ubuntu Brainstorm website will, or will not be a great source of
> inspiration during these events, we will see.
> Meanwhile, if you are interested as an Ubuntu developer to discuss how
> to make the website more efficient for you, to discuss its mechanism,
> or if you are interested as a Brainstorm moderator to comment your
> tools, please join the new Brainstorm Mailing list at
> I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce an idea that I
> see as a natural follow-up to the Brainstorm website: an event similar
> to the Google Summer of Code, that would be launched every development
> cycle. Basically the concept would be similar to GSoC except that the
> motivation factor would not be money but the fact that the
> contribution would be included in Ubuntu's next version (granted it is
> completed on time). The event would cover Ubuntu "extensions", and
> involves coding, but also packaging, documentation, i18n, .... A
> proposed schedule would be: selection of tasks at the UDS, one month
> for the "pupils" selection process, and the time remaining before
> feature freeze to complete the tasks. Finally, to make potential
> contributors benefit from it, the "pupils" would be asked to put
> online a "report" where they would explain how they worked.
> That's a rough idea yet that I'd like to discuss at the FOSScamp if
> people are interested. Please comment :)
> Nicolas
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