SMB shares lost and not recreatable when upgrading to hardy

Martin Olsson mnemo at
Thu Apr 10 03:40:25 UTC 2008


I upgraded to Hardy today. Everything went fine except for one thing: 
All my network shares for folders located on NTFS drives disappeared. 
What's worse is that I cannot recreate them. I believe this is due to 
Hardy turning on a SMB flag that makes it impossible to share files for 
which your account is not the owner (the files on my external USB 
harddrive is owned by root). I could not find this as a known issue in 
Launchpad so I've created this bug report for it:

I also noted that bug #12153 has not yet been fixed. This is not a major 
issue but it would be nice to be able to bind SUPER+D to "Minimize All" 
because I'm very much used to this key shortcut from this "other" OS.

Besides these issues, tons of stuff was fixed for my hardware 
configuration (I now got sound and even the microphone is working which 
is great for Skyping; soon my old win2k can retire). The new release is 
looking terrific and I'm looking forward to moving my other boxen as 
well after the 24th. Great work and thank you!


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