Apprenticeship periods at university, working on Ubuntu!

Aaron Whitehouse lists at
Sat Sep 8 07:13:56 UTC 2007

This would be a great help to Ubuntu, in a way similar to the Google
SoC. I would suggest that you look at how the Google SoC is run in
Ubuntu and model your approach on that.

> An important thing that I would like to ensure is that, if the blueprint
> has been approved, and the implementation is satisfying, the new piece
> of software IS included in the next release of ubuntu.

Depending on how you mean this, you may struggle to have this
condition met. Virtually every piece of software is included in the
release if you include software available through the repositories. If
you are asking for an undertaking that the piece of software is
installed by default, you are unlikely to get it. If this is something
that really matters to a student, they could pick an improvement to a
piece of software that is currently installed by default. Otherwise,
they would have to make sure that their piece of software did what it
was supposed to do in a way that was bug-free and efficient enough to
make Ubuntu want to install it by default. Even if the software was
perfect, if it wouldn't be needed by enough people, it wouldn't be
part of the default install. If the projects are chosen to fill an
important need in Ubuntu (for example the SoC projects), I would
imagine that they are very likely to be included.

> 1) home user backup would need to be done on-the-fly and to be
> integrated in ubuntu menus


Erik has already pointed out that your other two areas are more
Network-Manager issues than Ubuntu issues. If you can find a mentor
etc. upstream for these issues and have the improvements added to
upstream NM, the improvements would flow through to Ubuntu and all the
other distributions.

Hope that helps,


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