Apprenticeship periods at university, working on Ubuntu!

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Sat Sep 8 14:07:49 UTC 2007

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Vincenzo Ciancia wrote:
> but in the meantime I would like to check if there is some people at
> ubuntu who is able to mentor a student from inside. The idea is to let
> the student write from scratch or refine an existing blueprint, jointly
> chosen by a person here (probably me) and the mentor at ubuntu, then to
> discuss and approve the final version, then let the student implement
> it. 

This sounds a lot like Google's SOC, and a great idea.  The mentor would
probably depend on which blueprint the student picked to implement.

What sort of things would be required of the mentor?  Would the mentor
need the technical knowledge on how the particular project should work,
or just to know how the community works and how to get things uploaded?
 Or both?

> An important thing that I would like to ensure is that, if the blueprint
> has been approved, and the implementation is satisfying, the new piece
> of software IS included in the next release of ubuntu. This is needed,
> in my opinion, to attract students to the project, and it is also due,
> since students are obliged to work for free: at least let them see their
> work being used by the community.

Quite true - this is a reasonable expectation.  As long as it's in
before feature freeze of the development release, this should be trivial.

Obviously, not all of them will be installed by default, as there is
limited space and such, but it will go into the repository, if the
student has completed the project (and packaging) satisfactorily.
> I have three topics in mind, that are likely easy enough for a student,
> but low-priority enough that they still are lacking functionality in
> ubuntu.

Some of these are upstream projects - but there's no reason you could
not ask the same thing of upstream.
> Thanks and bye
> Vincenzo

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