Grouping preferences/Administration items?

Milan nalimilan at
Tue Oct 30 10:55:09 UTC 2007

Nicolas Deschildre a écrit :
> The items in the gnome control panel are already grouped by categories
> (Hardware, Internet, system,...).
> Why not used theses groups in the System menu? Instead of current
> preferences/administration?
> This way it has advantages of both the system menu and the control
> panel : access easiness and logical organization.
Because there are too many cateogries (6): we thus need to make them
submenus of a global "Configuration" item, which is (IMHO) as bad as
now. Furthermore, categories and tools are not really clear even in
gnome-control-center (just have a look - System and Personal for example
are really messy). In all cases, this needs more work.

I really believe the panel is where we should go: it's clearer to use
when you don't know what tool you need to use. And with an option (in
Alacarte?) advanced users could easily choose the current behavior - the
panel is definetly slower to use when you already know which item you
want to start. That's why using both at the same time also looks good to
me. I agree this may not be optimal, but I can't see what may be better.

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