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Tue Oct 16 20:19:39 UTC 2007

we are interested in working closely with the Ubuntu project, otherwise I
would not be here providing a detailed description of the project and
clarifying how it does not duplicate the existing official projects. (I
already knew this position from a few members on #ubuntu-motu).

Official repositories are an important part of the project, I will have all
the pleasure in engaging into collaboration activities, preferably
automated, as long we pass the "Why do you exist?" phase. That is the dialog
that has been running with Scott, nothing else.

Once we skip that phase of the dialog, we will get into the, "How can we
collaborate?", which I was trying to get into on my previous mail, regarding
the ability to upload packages to a backports automated building process.


2007/10/16, Forest Bond <forest at>:
> Hi,
> On Tue, Oct 16, 2007 at 04:51:52PM +0100, João Pinto wrote:
> > We provide packages which are new/not in the official repositories,
> because, we
> > want them to become available for the users. If your question, is, why
> don't we
> > follow the MOTU processes to make them available, then we go into
> another
> > subject which is not about getdeb. Neither would I be able to represent
> all the
> > individuals which create/submit/request packages to getdeb, some of them
> do
> > also parallel work, they are submitting both to getdeb and to the
> official
> > processes, on getdeb it is likely that they will  become available in 1
> week,
> > the same package, following official processes, may take several weeks,
> or
> > months, please note that our QA requirements are not as strict(good) as
> the
> > Debian/Ubuntu packages.
> If you are not interested in working more closely with the Ubuntu project,
> what
> was the purpose of your message to ubuntu-devel-discuss and the ongoing
> dialogue ?
> -Forest
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