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On Tue, Oct 16, 2007 at 04:51:52PM +0100, João Pinto wrote:
> We provide packages which are new/not in the official repositories, because, we
> want them to become available for the users. If your question, is, why don't we
> follow the MOTU processes to make them available, then we go into another
> subject which is not about getdeb. Neither would I be able to represent all the
> individuals which create/submit/request packages to getdeb, some of them do
> also parallel work, they are submitting both to getdeb and to the official
> processes, on getdeb it is likely that they will  become available in 1 week,
> the same package, following official processes, may take several weeks, or
> months, please note that our QA requirements are not as strict(good) as the
> Debian/Ubuntu packages.

If you are not interested in working more closely with the Ubuntu project, what
was the purpose of your message to ubuntu-devel-discuss and the ongoing
dialogue ?

Forest Bond
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