GIMP *final* release for Gutsy?

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Mon Nov 12 12:13:17 UTC 2007

On Mon, 12 Nov 2007 22:47:34 +1100
Sarah Hobbs <hobbsee at> wrote:

> Greg K Nicholson wrote:
> > We'd only have to do this *once* for each package of which a
> > non-final version was released in Ubuntu final. Once the final
> > version of the package is available, there need be no more updates
> > (beyond what are already done).
> > 
> > Hopefully a commitment to doing this extra packaging work after the 
> > Ubuntu release would dissuade us from including non-final package 
> > releases in final Ubuntu releases.
> > 
> I suspect that if we actually had people offering to do this (and
> this is quite similar to the already-existing backports), and did
> reasonable QA tests, etc, then this would all become more feasible.
> But, when you're trying to stretch already busy people, who are
> mostly volunteers, and will tend to work on whatever they like, and
> to try and fit them into your mold of what you want them to do,
> you're always going to meet trouble.
> So, anyone willing to step up to work on stable release updates?  If
Ah yes, BUT you need to be a MOTU to upload new releases and the
process of becoming a MOTU or contributions by non-MOTU has been
discussed before. Just see the archives here (GetDeb Project (Why I
participate)) or on the MOTU list
(Subject: non-MOTU Hopeful contributions (was:: GetDeb Project (Why I

> you don't know packaging, you can learn it.  Same applies to bug
> triaging. Don't even bother giving excuses such as "I can't program,
> I can't do actual development" - well, start with something simpler
> like bug triage, and then work your way up.  How do you think the
> current developers got where they did?  All these excuses seem to be
> hiding the major excuse - "I want this fixed, but I want someone else
> to fix it for me, and don't want to have to put in the hard work
> myself"
Well I package software, I'm just not a MOTU for reasons discussed in
the previously mentioned threads.

> Just a thought...
> Hobbsee

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