GIMP *final* release for Gutsy?

Sarah Hobbs hobbsee at
Mon Nov 12 11:47:34 UTC 2007

Greg K Nicholson wrote:
> We'd only have to do this *once* for each package of which a non-final 
> version was released in Ubuntu final. Once the final version of the 
> package is available, there need be no more updates (beyond what are 
> already done).
> Hopefully a commitment to doing this extra packaging work after the 
> Ubuntu release would dissuade us from including non-final package 
> releases in final Ubuntu releases.
I suspect that if we actually had people offering to do this (and this 
is quite similar to the already-existing backports), and did reasonable 
QA tests, etc, then this would all become more feasible.

But, when you're trying to stretch already busy people, who are mostly 
volunteers, and will tend to work on whatever they like, and to try and 
fit them into your mold of what you want them to do, you're always going 
to meet trouble.

So, anyone willing to step up to work on stable release updates?  If you 
don't know packaging, you can learn it.  Same applies to bug triaging. 
Don't even bother giving excuses such as "I can't program, I can't do 
actual development" - well, start with something simpler like bug 
triage, and then work your way up.  How do you think the current 
developers got where they did?  All these excuses seem to be hiding the 
major excuse - "I want this fixed, but I want someone else to fix it for 
me, and don't want to have to put in the hard work myself"

Just a thought...


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