GIMP *final* release for Gutsy?

Scott (angrykeyboarder) geekboy at
Fri Nov 9 09:09:13 UTC 2007

Reinhard Tartler spake thusly:
> "Scott (angrykeyboarder)" <geekboy at> writes:
>> None that would "interest" [some Ubuntu] developers, I suppose....
>> OK...
>> Off to plan B.
>> Oh wait, Ubuntu developers get upset when users go elsewhere for updated
>> versions of software...
>> OK..
>> Off to plan C.
>> ?
> Language, please. See please see
> for guidelines.

1. I don't see any foul language. Perhaps I'm overlooking something?

2. Considering the offensive nature of the message I was responding to,
I feel I was quite reserved. In fact my response was (thankfully)
written after a personal "timeout".

> You should have mentioned in your
> first message in this thread, so that developer can see the current
> status about this issue.

I beg your pardon, I *did* mention it. What are you seeing as the fist
message in this thread?

> ATM nobody seems to be assigned to it [1]. I'd
> expect more people interested in the issue will subscribe and eventually
> a developer will assign the bug to itself and do the SRU procedure. But
> please stop this hostile tone on public mailing lists.

I asked for help I got arrogance.  Arrogance doesn't go over well with
me. My apologies.

You keep saying "public mailing lists". Is a "hostile tone" OK on
private ones? ;)

> [1] well, I don't consider bugs assigned to a team as bugs assigned to a
> specific person, but that's another issue.

As I mentioned in the message (that's somehow fallen into a black hole
here, yet can be found in it's entirety in the archive[1]) that
*started* this thread my involvement began as a request (bug report) for
a sync from Debian Sid.


> .....I requested a sync from Debian Sid (sid
> currently has GIMP 2.4.1).  My request was marked as a duplicate of the
> following:
> The initial response to that bug was "THank you for your bug report. I'm
> marking this as triaged."
> The bug was then quietly changed from "Triaged" to "Wishlist"(!).
> In my worst case scenario GIMP 2.4.x would eventually land in Gutsy
> backports.  In my best case scenario it would (more logically) land in
> main and in the next week.
> It seems this has become a "back burner bug".
> How might I get it back to the "front burner" and how might I get GIMP
> 2.4.x to land in a Gutsy updates or backports place within,  say the
> next week?
> Please note:
> I'm not a developer.
> I'm not package maintainer.
> I'm just an ordinary user.
> Thank you.

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