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Fri Nov 9 21:02:29 UTC 2007

Scott Kitterman spake thusly:

> You provide packages that are newer/not in the official repositories.  With 
> the exception of packages that are legally questionable for the official 
> repositories, why?  

Why? Because people want newer packages.

And trying to get them through "official channels" (e.g. syncs) can be
very difficult to say the least.  We make a syncs requests and they just
*sit there*.

Considering there are bugs that date back *a year* or more this is not

So, if we want newer packages, we often have to go to outside sources to
get them.

This is too bad, really. It can indeed cause problems later on. But when
Ubuntu is unwilling to provide it's users with updated packages in a
timely fashion, they have no choice (outside of waiting for months for
the next release or going to a distro that provides the types of updates
they are looking for - e.g. Fedora).

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