Default Gnome Menu entries that define the task, but lack the app's name (e.g. Bug #105685)

Conrad Knauer atheoi at
Sat Jun 9 09:50:32 UTC 2007

I was testing Gutsy Tribe 1 in VirtualBox and I was going to file a
bug, but its already been described and rejected:

But in the last comment: "naming could be discussed, the bug is not
specific to totem though, closing this task, discussion can be moved
to ubuntu-devel-discuss list"

So I'm starting a thread here (did I miss one previously?  If so, sorry :)

The main point I want to make in this post is that the first comment
in the bug report is quite valid:

Calling Totem simply "Movie Player" in the GNOME menus makes it more
difficult to find for users who have several movie players installed.
The word "Totem" should be added to make it transparent.

I understand that "Movie Player" is present because otherwise newbies
wouldn't know what it was, and wouldn't be able to find any movie
player. But we don't have "CD Extractor" or "Music Player" or "Web
Browser" - we have "Sound Juicer CD Extractor", "Rhythmbox Music
Player" and "Firefox Web Browser". Doing differently for Totem is

(I should expand on the "more difficult" part; "Movie Player" is just
too close to the default entry for mplayer: "MPlayer Movie Player"
which, I might add, sounds a bit redundant ;)

For pics, see

The counter-argument was that "It's coherent with some items like "Text Editor""

I suppose that could itself be countered with a suggestion that a
simple "Text Editor" description is itself lacking; adding the app
name would have a beneficial effect of educating the user about what
is actually running on their system... though "Gedit Text Editor" is a
bit redundant and "Gnome Text Editor" would be overkill next to "Gnome
Calculator", "Gnome Character Map", etc.

I have to say that its weird to see "Tomboy Notes" breaking the trend
in Accessories though; why not "Take Notes" (compare with "Take
Screenshot") or "Sticky Notes"?

Why does Tomboy have a named entry but Totem doesn't?

How about the following for a generic rule for the Gnome Menu sections:

For default-installed apps, use '[App Name][App Description]' unless
its basically only 'Gnome [App Description]'

Which would basically (visibly) only change "Movie Player" -> "Totem
Movie Player" in the default setup (thus solving Bug #105685 ;)

I note in Gutsy Tribe 1 that when you right-click the Gnome Menu and
select "Edit Menus" that there are three unchecked items in
Accessories: Archive Manager, File Browser and Panel.

I'm not sure what Panel is doing in there (and since its 'Gnome Panel'
it wouldn't change under my rule, so I'll just ignore it), but
regarding the other two, since they aren't visible by default, why do
they need simplified names?  I think following my suggested rule would
be better:

File-Roller Archive Manager
Nautilus File Browser

Conrad Knauer

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