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Fri Dec 14 07:05:18 UTC 2007

On Dec 14, 2007 1:35 AM, John Carr <john.carr at> wrote:

> * syncing your contacts, tomboy notes and F-spot images between PCs.
> (Avahi based discovery)
> * syncing to mobile devices, particularly windows mobile and
> blackberry are under active development as part of an /ubuntu
> orientanted/ sync spec
> * syncing (and converting on the fly) media files
> * it can "autosync" - so when your tomboy notes are updated it can
> automatically push them to other pcs, mobile devices (including
> ipods!) and web apps.

OK I can see where that'd be pretty useful for people with smartphones and
such.  Can I please ask, though, that if it's added to ubuntu-desktop, it be
the type of dependency where removing it doesn't also remove the
ubuntu-desktop meta-package?  Those kind are annoying, since you uninstall
an app that you don't want, then 6 months later it's upgrade time, so you
have to reinstall the app (while the servers are being super-duper slow due
to everyone upgrading) and ubuntu-desktop before you can upgrade, and then
you remove them again right after.

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