Mono (Re: New Programs for Hardy?)

John Carr john.carr at
Fri Dec 14 06:35:22 UTC 2007

> I'm not sure about Conduit.  It's definitely not something I would use,
> though I can see its usefulness for others (same way I feel about F-Spot).
> It makes me think of that online GNOME project, which seems to be really
> just a lot of hooks into social networking sites.  While the 15-30 crowd
> might be very into social networking, I'm thinking only a subset of them
> would use an auto-sync program for it.  Anyone outside that range would
> probably think it's pretty useless.  It looks like it can act as a sort of
> GUI for network-based rsync backups, but I really can't see that being
> something the average desktop user even thinks of.  If the average desktop
> user thinks of backing up, it's to CDs or DVDs or maybe the portable hard
> drive on the desk, but probably not over a network to an offsite location.

While a big part of it is support for "web apps" like Flickr,,
Facebook etc you have totally missed some of the other things the team
are working on. For example:

* syncing your contacts, tomboy notes and F-spot images between PCs.
(Avahi based discovery)
* syncing to mobile devices, particularly windows mobile and
blackberry are under active development as part of an /ubuntu
orientanted/ sync spec
* syncing (and converting on the fly) media files
* it can "autosync" - so when your tomboy notes are updated it can
automatically push them to other pcs, mobile devices (including
ipods!) and web apps.

And (low quality....)

By HH Conduit will have a "new device" tool for quick and easy
configuration of devices as you plug them in. "New phone? Where do you
want to sync to?"

And that is just Conduit as an application, not Conduit as a dbus service.


(Yeah, i'm biased as heck..)

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