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Tim Hull thully at umich.edu
Sat Aug 25 16:57:21 UTC 2007

> The fact that you submit bug reports and do not follow up / patch them
> yourself
> shows a severe disinterest in *really* helping ubuntu and (like most
> new devel's in all projects) just want to focus on the hot-dog stuff.

I do follow up - in fact, I've often posted additional info on my bug
reports as to the origin of the issue/suggestions as to what could be done.
 I may not have the solution to everything, but that doesn't mean that I'm
just being lazy or "just focusing on the hot-dog stuff".  Maybe it means
that for you, but I've submitted bugs/ideas to other projects (including
*Debian*, of all distributions) and have received plenty of response.

> 2) RTFM. Please. Coming onto the mailing list and asking for manual
> locations makes me want to knife myself. Yes it could be clearer, but
> you are not asking for help or clarifying a point, your just being
> lazy.

I'm not asking for something trivial - I'm asking how to provide input/ideas
regarding key components of the system.  It's perfectly clear how to do
MOTU/Bug Squad/etc - it's NOT clear how to go about suggesting changes to
the main desktop setup.  I've looked countless times on Launchpad and have
remained stumped - "RTFM" really doesn't help one bit.

3) Before you start working on MAJOR new features, why not help fix
> bugs and other common problems first? Wouldn't these be more benficial
> and a better learning process than "Making the default system look
> better"?. BTW the way it renders fonts is entirely appropriate: Most
> people get used to MS's crappy way of sub-sampling fonts to make them
> look sharper.

In many of the cases I've discussed, I'm not necessarily talking about
coding a major new project from scratch - I'm talking about integrating
already existing code into the system, investigating changes in default
settings, etc.  Yes, I certainly would work on the smaller bugs/issues as
well - and I already know where to go for that (Bug Squad, MOTU, etc etc).
 However, it's unclear where to go with basic desktop issues/ideas, other
than to file a bug in Launchpad, provide all the info you can, and wait.

Do any Ubuntu developers care to comment?  I'd like to contribute, but I'm
beginning to feel like I can't do so in any meaningful way outside the
"universe" and Launchpad bug reports (which, even when I provide extensive
info and narrow the problem to something fairly specific, don't tend to get
much response).

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