IcedTea - a first step towards OpenJDK

Matthias Klose doko at
Wed Aug 22 20:43:26 UTC 2007

IcedTea is a temporary fork of OpenJDK which allows building with a free
toolchain and adding/replacing code which is not yet available under a free
license. First deb Packages for amd64, i386 and lpia are available at

  deb gutsy/
  deb-src gutsy/

These packages target developers only. Feedback about the following topics is
appreciated (on ubuntu-devel-discuss or #ubuntu-java):

 - packaging and installation issues; the packaging is derived from the
   sun-javaX packages, so the packages do have the same "features" and

 - license issues; we currently cannot upload the packages, because some
   files still have non-free or no licenses. Unfortunately there doesn't
   exist yet a list of problematic files.

 - usability; do packages and applications build and run with the new
   jre and jdk (focus on main)?

Please contact me if you do want to join the packaging and maintainance effort.
Thanks for any input.


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