Belarusian Latin Gnome in Gutsy, hum?

Ihar Hrachyshka ihar.hrachyshka at
Wed Aug 22 17:50:42 UTC 2007

Belarusian translation team is very angry for Ubuntu being the main
desktop distribution not providing the possibility to choose
Belarusian Latin translations for Gnome and other projects. There are
no Latin gettext files in Ubuntu be-lang-pack as it's for Serbian
(sr at Latn) language. We've waited for the resolution of bug #105289
that was planed for 7.04 by our team but no results. And we see that
7.10 is going to ignore the presence of Be-Latin language too. Is
there a possibility to influence on Ubuntu devs to make them do the
I tried to contact with a man who maintains lang-packs but he is always offline.
Are Ubuntu devs so closed for our problems?:(

With regards,
leader of Gnome Belarusian translation team

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