Sound problems

Chris Warburton chriswarbo at
Thu Aug 23 22:22:38 UTC 2007

Hi all, I've just installed the latest batch of Gutsy updates, including
the new kernel update, and rebooted. Now when I plug my headphones into
my laptop the speakers stay on so sound can be heard through the
headphones and the speakers, kind of defeating the point of headphones.
Looking in the volume control in GNOME (double clicking the panel
applet) shows PCM like usual, but also Speaker and Headphone. Both of
these new controls affect both the speakers and headphones, so the
speakers cannot be turned down and the headphones turned up, either
sound only comes from the speakers (no headphones plugged in), sound
comes out of both (headphones plugged in) or sound comes out of neither
(mute), I can't listen to things privately anymore. Now, I am pretty
sure this is a bug, since my laptop's audio hardware doesn't play very
nicely with Linux (using a microphone is a lost cause), but I don't know
what to file a bug against, is it in the kernel, some ALSA package,
Gstreamer, Gnome volume control, etc.?

So, is anyone else having this problem and know of the cause/an already
filed bug, or does anyone know what package/s might be responsible, or
does anyone know how I can see what updates have been installed along
with their changelogs?

Chris Warburton

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