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shirish shirishag75 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 17:22:34 UTC 2007

Hi all,
I am no expert in anything but I have been trying to compile the svn of boinc
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boinc Its basically a client-server
solution for doing large-scale distributed volunteer computing works.
Now I'm trying to do this in gutsy gibbon 7.10 (which is still under
development) and after checking out the tree. I did the ./_autosetup &
./configure (its one of the better
configure scripts I've seen/played around with) it tells me I need
wxwidgets if I want all the bells & whistles for the clientGUI. There
are/were other dependencies also, and finding & reporting the required
dependencies, installing them & finally satisfying them.


Anyway back to the story. Now I did a system-wide search & wxwidgets
2.8.4 is broken into something like 4-5 odd packages & I installed all
of them but .configure still complains that it can't find it. The
packages I installed were :-

1. python-wxtools
2. python-wxaddons
3. wx-common
4. wx2.8-headers
5. libwxbase2.8-dev
6. plplot9-driver-wxwidgets

Even after installing them I get complains from the .configure script. It says

checking for wx-libs ...
checking for wx-config... /usr/bin/wx-config
checking for wxWidgets version >= 2.6.0... no
configure: WARNING:
WARNING: A suitable installation of wxWidgets could not be found
       ==> building client without clientgui.

 If you add wxWidgets to your system, then this configure script will also
 configure your system to build the BOINC graphical client (clientgui).

 If wxWidgets is installed on your system, please check that wx-config is
 in the path, that the directory where wxWidgets libraries are installed
 (returned by 'wx-config --libs' command) is in LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or
 and that wxWidgets version is 2.6.0 or above. Currently wxWidgets version
 2.6.0 (gtk based) is known to work with boinc_gui under Linux. You can
 use wx-config --version to find what version you have currently installed.

 NOTE: if building a portable client-release, you need the *static* version
 of the wx-libs installed!

 You can get wxWidgets by following the DOWNLOAD link at:

You can find the whole .configure --disable-server which I did at

While in my search I browsed & landed to


surpise, surprise there is wxwidgets 2.8 right there. I looked up the
software properties & found that the Indian server doesn't have
sources, never had to use sources before hence didn't care. Moved over
to the official uk server & now have access to the sources but still
can't seem to install it. :( Wxwidgets are used by the boinc-manager &
if I want nice graphics then need them.

If anybody knows a way I can get them on my system or wants me to do
any kind of testing or something please lemme know.

          Shirish Agarwal
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