wxwidgets for Ubuntu 7.10

Chris Warburton chriswarbo at googlemail.com
Fri Aug 17 18:09:55 UTC 2007

BOINC is already in Ubuntu Universe. The boinc-client package will run
as a daemon when the system boots up, and it can be controlled by
boing-manager and kboincspy (for GNOME and KDE respectively).

If you really want to build the SVN version then I would recommend using
the build-dep option of APT. For instance, you can run the command:

sudo apt-get build-dep boinc-client

and that will fetch any packages needed to build Ubuntu's BOIC client
package (and presumably those will be the same as the SVN code needs).

There is a page on the help Wiki at

Hope that helps
Chris "Warbo" Warburton

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