Support for multimedia/internet keyboards

Sam Tygier samtygier at
Wed Aug 15 13:38:52 UTC 2007

Chris Warburton wrote:
> At LUGRadio Live there was some talk from some RedHat/Fedora people in
> the power management BoF about a generic system for submitting keycodes
> and things to a central store, so power-user types can try out all of
> the buttons on their systems (the use-case discussed was laptops), then
> this collected data could be put into an XML file in its own separate
> package, able to be updated regularly without impacting anything else
> (XML can easily be kept forward and backward compatible). Since I do not
> know the applications and things involved in this (and therefore don't
> know what to Google for) I am not sure of the implementation, or whether
> Ubuntu uses it, but I am sure it is relevant.

I was in that BoF too :-)

the quirks site is at 


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