Support for multimedia/internet keyboards

Martin Olsson mnemo at
Fri Aug 17 06:12:21 UTC 2007

Kevin Fries wrote:
> I believe you are speaking of the:
>     System->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts

I agree, the problem is not that the keys don't work at all. Rather, the 
problem is that for many people there are no keysyms defined for the 
keys. And Ubuntu has many multimedia keys configured under "Keyboard 
Shortcuts" by default, which means that the will, by default, see many 
hex codes in that dialog.

The problem becomes apparent when you look at this screenshot:

The link to a bug report is here:

Ubuntu could either find a way to
1) create keysyms for these multimedia keys (like windows* and kde),
2) not have keys without as default keyboard shortcuts,
3) keep the existing dialog which shows hexadecimal codes.

* I think that in Windows most people have some kind of vendor program 
running which handles the multimedia keys. These programs could be 
things like "My HP Quick Keys" or "Logitech Keyboard Key Manager" (or 
whatever). These programs often show up in system tray on Windows, and 
at least I always found it annoying having to have this extra, often 
memory hogging, program running for my hardware to work properly.


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