[Pkg-fonts-devel] [Fwd: Re: [i18n] Input Method and Fonts improvements for Gutsy]

Nicolas Spalinger nicolas at spalinger.org
Sun Aug 12 19:09:43 UTC 2007

> The fonts part is really interesting for us to improve Debian tasks. I
> have some comments:
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Font Name	Package			Scripts			Filesize
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> DejaVu Sans	ttf-dejavu		Multiple		519412
>> DejaVu Sans Bold	ttf-dejavu	Multiple		493320
>> DejaVu Sans Mono	ttf-dejavu	Multiple		289712
>> DejaVu Sans Mono Bold	ttf-dejavu	Multiple		278376
>> DejaVu Serif		ttf-dejavu	Multiple		213360
>> DejaVu Serif Bold	ttf-dejavu	Multiple		204988

I would also suggest looking at the following candidates for community
review with the usual freeness/quality/coverage criteria.

Gentium     ttf-sil-gentium 		Multiple 		
Gentium Italic    ttf-sil-gentium 	Multiple 		
(an updated version with Bold and smarts will be released soon)

Linux Libertine   ttf-linux-libertine   Multiple
Linux Libertine Bold  ttf-linux-libertine   Multiple
Linux Libertine Bold Italic  ttf-linux-libertine   Multiple

Andika DesRev (A through G)   ttf-sil-andika    Multiple
(Holger Levsen is about to sponsor the package).

Charis SIL 		ttf-sil-charis 		Multiple
Charis SIL Bold		ttf-sil-charis 		Multiple
Charis SIL Bold	 Italic	ttf-sil-charis 		Multiple

Inconsolata		ttf-inconsolata		
(The Ubuntu sync in progress)

I guess it would be useful to keep track of such a proposed list in a
repository/branch somewhere: it's *bound to evolve* as font projects
grow and more community feedback comes in.

/me return digging the debreview output
and the unifont.org/fontguide links...

Nicolas Spalinger

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