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Wed Aug 8 12:49:38 UTC 2007


I've been using Linux on and off for some time now, and have been looking to
get involved in development/testing on the distribution level.  Anyway,
after looking at many distros and reading about them, it is obvious that the
ones that are most appealing to me are Ubuntu and Debian - which obviously
share a common heritage (Ubuntu is based on Debian sid).

In using Ubuntu, I've actually come up with a few ideas/suggestions
involving the core system (i.e. - not MOTU material).  In particular, I've
been looking into a few laptop-specific issues (power management, odd issues
with C-states, etc), and additionally some issues with multimedia support
and how it works on Ubuntu.  I know about Launchpad and have filed bugs on
there, but would like to get directly in touch with the teams working on
these issues.

I've noticed with Debian that the development is mostly done out in the open
on the mailing lists and the bug tracking system with direct contact between
developers and users.  However, I haven't noticed this so much with Ubuntu.
I know that the "Core Development Team" exists - do they have their own,
closed mailing list?  Is this development done in house (i.e. physically) at
Canonical offices?

Could somebody fill me in on this?  I'd like to help/offer suggestions on
these issues directly with the teams involved.  I've tried e-mailing a few
people (in particular, those responsible for laptop issues and multimedia),
but have not received a response.

Tim Hull
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