Getting in touch with development teams...

Dean Sas dean at
Sat Aug 11 12:45:44 UTC 2007

Tim Hull wrote:
> Hi,

> I've noticed with Debian that the development is mostly done out in the 
> open on the mailing lists and the bug tracking system with direct 
> contact between developers and users.  However, I haven't noticed this 
> so much with Ubuntu.  I know that the "Core Development Team" exists - 
> do they have their own, closed mailing list?  Is this development done 
> in house (i.e. physically) at Canonical offices?

The Core development team consists of both Canonical and non-Canonical 
developers. There is a "distro sprint", for a week every release cycle, 
where mainly Canonical people get together to do development, and a 
development planning conference at the beginning of each cycle which is 
very open and Canonical sponsor some attendees. The rest of the time 
developers are distributed around the world.

A lot of Ubuntu development happens around IRC channels (#ubuntu-devel 
and #ubuntu-motu mainly though most teams have their own channel), also 
mailing lists are used for some discussion and Launchpad is used for 
specification and bug tracking.


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