CUPS 1.3.0-RC2 available for Ubuntu Gutsy now -- Please test!!

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at
Wed Aug 1 22:08:11 UTC 2007

The originally uploaded packages are broken. They have a bug which 
prevented CUPS from finding the PostScript PPDs, leading printer setup 
tools to assign generic PostScript PPDs or PCL PPDs to PostScript printers.

I have uploaded new packages with this problem fixed now. The files are 
at the same place and have the same names as the old ones. So everyone 
who has downloaded them already, please download and install them again.

I have also reported this problem upstream:

Please install also hal-cups-utils and system-config-printer and test 
them with the new CUPS.

system-config-printer is Red Hat's printer setup tool and candidate for 
replacing gnome-cups-manager.

hal-cups-utils are scripts for HAL which set up print queues 
automatically when the printer is plugged (Plug'n'Print, 
and disable print queues of printers which are not connected or turned 
off. hal-cups-utils works currently only with USB printers.

Test system-config-printer by calling it from the command line and doing 
your printer administration with it (setting options, (un)sharing your 
printers, adding and cloning print queues).

Test hal-cups-utils by unplugging your USB printer and plugging it 
again. While it is unplugged, the queue is disabled and CUPS does not do 
unneeded retries of the jobs. As soon as you plug it it gets enabled 
again and all queued jobs get printed. To see automatic queue setup, 
remove the queues for your USB printer, unplug the printer and plug it 
again. After some seconds you have a new queue. In case of an HP 
printer, the queues are set up using HPLIP and if your HP MF device has 
a fax also a fax queue is created.


Till Kamppeter wrote:
> Hi,
> I have packaged CUPS 1.3.0-RC2, as we talked about on last week's 
> developer meeting.
> You can download the binary packages from
> and the source from
> This is the new generation of CUPS, offering many new features (I hope I 
> have activated all of them when compiling). See
> Please try it out. We need all your testing experience to be able to 
> ship a Gutsy with a stable and not obsolete CUPS system.
> NOTE: This CUPS runs as root, as pitti did not adapt his non-root 
> patches to it. All other patches from Debian and Ubuntu are applied and 
> so this CUPS should work as the original one from Ubuntu.
>    Till

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