User Reviews In Synaptic?

Francesco Fumanti francesco.fumanti at
Tue Dec 26 19:33:58 UTC 2006

>The popularity system is really broken. :-)
>Perhaps it could be fixed but I really don't know how...
>Right now, all Ubuntu default apps have 4, some apps have 3, most 
>Kubuntu apps have 2, and then the rest have 1.
>Take Inkscape for example, 17:th best rated on GnomeFiles with a 
>score of 9.05, has popularity 1 in Ubuntu.
>Not everyone needs a vector graphics tool, but people who does think 
>it's great.
>So the problem is that everyone rates all programs by either having 
>them installed or not.
>Voting would instead let people who have tried something give a 
>vote, and that would be meaningful!

I am using linux (more specifialy Ubuntu) for several months and I 
did not know that there is already a rating system until I read this 
thread. I suppose it is . So probably it should be more 

However, I wonder how it can have data about whether a determined 
application used or not.


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