How to target bugs and features to future Ubuntu releases

Kate Stewart kate.stewart at
Thu Dec 9 18:15:19 GMT 2010

For those of you who target bugs and features to releases, you may have
noticed that there is now an o-series and p-series available. This means
that it is now possible to target bugs and features to future Ubuntu
releases, something we couldn't easily do before.  Many thanks to the
launchpad team for making this available, to help with our release
management!!! :)

The purpose of these future release planning buckets is so we can track
bugs and features.  If we figure out we're not going to be able to get
some bugs fixed or some features implemented in natty, but don't want to
lose track of them and we can now indicate when they should get worked
on.  Please note that code can not be uploaded to the future releases
though, until they become active.

The use of the milestone "later" was used historically by some to
indicate a bug or feature should be looked at in the future,  but it
lacked release-level granularity, and was inconsistently applied.   The
introduction of release+1 (o-series) and release+2 (p-series), will
provide more granularity, and help us track things a bit better.  
When Natty is released, o-series will become the active release (with
the appropriate keyword ;)), and code/fixes can start being assigned to
it then.  When o-series becomes active development release, a q-series
planning bucket will be introduced.  Going forward we'll be looking to
keep a release+1 and release+2 available on a rolling basis.

If you have any questions, please let me know.  I'll be starting to work
through the WIKI pages to update them to document this, so if you find a
reference that looks like it needs updating, feel free to point it
out.  :)

Thanks, Kate

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