changing the python default from 2.6 to 2.7

Matthias Klose doko at
Wed Dec 22 12:08:01 GMT 2010

2.7 is now the default python version in natty.  packages were rebuilt and 
should be upgradable (except a handful, like ethos and xen-3.3).  "Upgradable" 
doesn't mean that everything already works with 2.7, so please report issues and 
tag these with `python27'.  The next step will be to identify all the packages 
only depending on libpython2.6 or python2.6 (but not 2.7) and rebuild/upgrade 
these to python2.7.

UPGRADE ISSUES:  When upgrading from Ubuntu 10.10 (maverick), please make sure 
to upgrade to maverick-updates first, before upgrading to natty.  If you are 
upgrading directly from maverick or from an earlier natty snapshot, and are 
stuck, please see comment #5 in bug #689306 [1].



On 08.12.2010 01:05, Matthias Klose wrote:
> Tomorrow, Wednesday December 8, we'll change the default Python version in
> Natty from 2.6 to 2.7.
> This will be followed by a series of no-change uploads to rebuild packages
> with Python 2.7.  Some parts of the archive will be uninstallable or not
> upgradeable for a few days; please wait with upgrades until the rebuilds are
> done, and for the next two days, also avoid bug reports about upgrade
> problems.
> If you find issues which are not temporary while the rebuilds are ongoing,
> please report these in Launchpad, and tag them with `python27`.  We expect to
> resolve the majority of such issues this year, with the remaining issues
> addressed by the end of January.
> If you want to help fix problems related to the Python 2.7 switch, please
> submit merge proposals and requests by tagging issues with `python27'.
> A ping to barry and doko on #ubuntu-devel is welcome.
> Another goal for the natty release is to make the installation and removal of
> python packages more robust.  This will result in some packaging changes.
> Unless these changes are already made in Debian or coordinated with Debian,
> please don't change the packaging.  We'll followup later how we will address
> these issues.
>     Barry Warsaw
>     Matthias Klose

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