Upgrade 15.04: login impossible and lost of crypted home eCryptfs

Nobuto Murata nobuto at nobuto-murata.org
Thu Jun 4 06:03:53 UTC 2015


You might want to try "ecryptfs-recover-private" as a first step. You
can verify your ecryptfs directory still has your data unless your
disk is damaged.


2015-06-04 14:36 GMT+09:00 Xavier Guillot <Valeryan_24 at laposte.net>:
> Hi,
> I'm not sure this list is the best place to post this, because I don't know
> if my case is related to a known systemd or ecryptfs-utils bug like:
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ecryptfs-utils/+bug/1447282
> So excuse me if not, but here is my best chance to get an help for
> specialists or developpers. If I have to open a bug on Lauchpad, please tell
> me.
> I've a big problem since the update of my mobile PC on Ubuntu Vivid.
> It's a computer with double boot: original W8 that I almost never use +
> Ubuntu installed just after the first start 1,5 or 2 years ago.
> I choosed the option "crypted home" at time of installation.
> Previous updates (for example 14.10) were without any problem, but here 2
> weeks ago, when I did 15.04 upgrade, big fear on restart: impossible to
> login, nor to get via LiveCD my datas on encrypted partitions !
> Please see the explaining screenshots there (to avoid surcharging list):
> http://imgur.com/a/uoKwc
> Classic start (SystemD) :
> Computers runs a long time on the purple startup screen before always and
> only switching to "Emergency mode". If I get journalctl -xb :
> Some disks appear 2 times in the "sysfs paths", for others there is
> "time-out" or dependency fails (home), sometimes date of last superblock
> mount is in the future (sda 9).
> Startup with advanced options: Upstart
> Home and my backup partition not mounted, ignored, connection possible in
> guest mode with all the installed programs.
> But of course no access to my user datas.
> If I select my session (Xavier) and enter my password, it comes again
> immediately on the lightdm login screen.
> Startup in recovery mode:
> I well get the list of commands, but none is useful.
> Startup on LiveCD:
> OK, but once on the live session, my crypted paritions are not detected (see
> Gparted screenshot), so impossible to decrypt with login passphrase to at
> least copy all the files...
> I see the system folder "/" and another not protected + Windows partitions,
> but /home and Backup partition (sda 7 et 8) are of "Unknown type" and I
> can't mount nor see them in Nautilus.
> I can't use eCryptfs to get back the mount passphrase then view content of
> /home/.ecryptfs/xavierg/.Private and save all the datas before reinstalling
> completely Ubuntu.
> On the LiveCD I also edited crypttab and fstab: for the last one there are
> strange lines - an unknown UUID (a195b8f9-...) that appears nowhere in
> Gparted, numbers of sda disks not the same as original ones, swap line was
> with #. I tried to restore (the screenshot shows the 2 following fstab) and
> modify it, it's fstab2: my 2 crypted partitions should be sda7 (the /home
> normally, UUID=e727496a...) and sda8 (UUID=6177e409-...) but it didn't
> change nor solve anything.
> I'm sure (I hope so) that, as the partitions are there, even crypted, datas
> are still available, but I can't succeed to mount them.
> So I'm lost. Fortunately half (and most important / recent) of my datas were
> saved on a cloud (with EncFS) and are at least on 2 other computers, but
> other half no - this is a good lesson for me, I know we have to backup
> daily, and I procrastinated.
> Good news: I could verify surely that, if I get my mobile PC lost or stolen,
> my files and mails are well protected and not accessible for everyone,
> that's one (only) positive point...
> If someone has an idea to solve this situation, thanks in advance !
> Best regards,
> Xavier
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