Call for testing: GTK 3.15.4

Tim darkxst at
Sat Feb 7 06:54:30 UTC 2015

On 07/02/15 04:22, Iain Lane wrote:
> Desktop fans,
> We're thinking about having the released version of GTK3 in 15.04 be
> 3.16, which is the current in-development version to be released towards
> the end of March.
Hi Laney,
   While I am in favour of this happening, currently things are not in great condition, see below...
> This version contains lots of cool stuff
> but the main motivation from our side is that it contains an
> implementation of overlay scrollbars that will allow us to remove our
> existing GTK module which is becoming harder and taking longer to
> maintain over time.
> Please test the versions I've just uploaded to the Ubuntu desktop PPA
>   ppa:ubuntu-desktop/ppa
> and let me know if you see any new bad behaviour not mentioned below or
> if you have any good reason we might not want to do this.
I gave it a quick test, so far

mutter 3.14 does not support the new gtk window decorations, so these are very broken. While I guess we could backport the 3.14 theme, seems
like that is asking for trouble and it would be safer to update to mutter/gnome-shell 3.16. Right now I think that just needs clutter update (no
transition), wayland 1.7rc and maybe gsettings, but these things are liable to change between now and 3.15.91/2. Additionally I would rather not
split the core up again, so would probably end up with g-d/g-s-d/g-c-c on that list also. So far the 3.15 cycle hasn't been very disruptive, but
again that could well change.

Secondly this gtk atleast on my system with everything else 3.14 breaks the gdm greeter, so no way to login on Ubuntu GNOME. I havent had a
chance to debug it yet.
> Some known issues which we'll try to fix for the release:
>   - There's a black notification shown in the greeter
>   - Not all apps have overlay scrollbars (devhelp, gnome-terminal, ...)
>   - gnome-terminal shrinks to 1x1 sometimes (cherry-pick
>     07fe194eb60aa9ec2eacdafdb4ba6ac91a636f34, but we suspect this may be
>     incomplete)
>   - Overlay scrollbars aren't styled like ours were
>   - They hide completely when inactive, meaning that you don't know how
>     far you've scrolled
> Cheers,

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