[Desktop13.04-Topic] Default file manager

Jeremy Bicha jbicha at ubuntu.com
Tue Oct 16 04:22:52 UTC 2012

On 13 October 2012 04:57, Omer Akram <om26er at ubuntu.com> wrote:
>> - GtkMenuButton needs to export its menus to dbus for use by the HUD
> there.. that is the thing that i don't like at all... we need to patch
> nautilus to show a complete menu bar. nautilus (and other gnome apps) with
> just one menu + settings cog isn't really that suits very well to Unity.. As
> file manager is more important than any other [gnome] app we would really
> want our file manager to look like a real app :-)

The traditional File/Edit/View menu has been dropped from Nautilus and
it's far from trivial to just add it back. And with about 75 items in
the menus, Nautilus 3.4 isn't a particularly good UI or well-suited to

As Dylan pointed out, a dozen apps have already switched to the new
App Menu. So far only Epiphany & Nautilus use the gear menu but that's
likely to be fairly popular too. Presumably, these new menus work
better with touch screens.

> So due to that reason it may make sense to switch to some other file
> manager... even if its currently less maintained and spend a few resources
> into improving that to a level that is competent enough for the next LTS. I
> think we have done that in the past "for a greater good"

Could you give an example of a better file manager then?


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