ubuntu lacks ideas, firefox is full of ideas

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> Den 18. nov. 2011 21:14, skrev Alexander Etter:
>> I am glad I found this email. I can relate to it in many ways. I've tried
>> to get involved in developing Ubuntu, but nobody has reached out. 11.10 is
>> so bad on my machine I reverted to 10.04. I never liked Unity, it's silly
>> and implies heavy use of the mouse. I want to use the keyboard to navigate
>> everything.
>> And I like firefox too.
>> Just my thoughts on this matter; I don't intend to start a war but a
>> thoughtful discussion if anything.
>> Alexander
> You should ask more questions. The thing I like the most about Unity, is
> how efficient it is to use without a mouse. I nearly only use the mouse for
> web these days. There are keyboard shortcuts for nearly everything. There
> are a few I would've wanted, such as using alt+num to choose between
> workspaces in the switcher, and  between windows in super+w instead of
> using arrow keys, but since there are other keyboard shortcuts available,
> such as alt+ctrl+arrows, and shift-alt+ctrl+arrows to move windows between
> workspaces, it's not very annoying.
> I would advise you to look for answers the next time you get frustrated by
> something, instead of just reinstalling the operating system, which is a
> fairly radical choice.
> Jo-Erlend Schinstad
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I appreciate your comments. Thanks for the advice. I enjoy hearing diverse
opinions; for example I prefer the keyboard but you prefer the mouse! I
like that.
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