Status update for the maverick applications selection

Didier Roche didrocks at
Sun Sep 12 14:57:53 BST 2010

Hey, some updates on banshee status in UNE as OMGUbuntu is quicker than
I to send an formal email :)

Le mercredi 25 août 2010 à 15:19 +0200, Sebastien Bacher a écrit :
> The desktop team has been revisiting the applications selection changes
> discussed at UDS, this email has a summary of the changes which have
> done or delayed to next cycle
> The corresponding blueprints:

> * Banshee by default on UNE
> It was decided to use banshee by default on UNE this cycle. Didier
> worked on the required change but the promotion is still blocker by the
> switch to udev which didn't land yet. That should be in an upstream
> tarball next week. We would normally postpone that change to next cycle
> on the desktop but we have a bit of extra flexibility on UNE so we will
> still try to get that change in next week when Didier is back.

After a period of testing the new banshee actively with upstream and
debian coordination, the desktop team decided to not set banshee as
default for the netbook edition :
- we have still some pending issues like integration with the soundmenu
which is not currently working
- the ubuntu one integration isn't as optimal as it could (it was just
fixed some hours ago). That's something the u1 team and desktop team
should work next cycle on. (like activating the mp3 support as in
rhythmbox before buying the first song, having the "bough on u1" entry…)
- it's very very late for this kind of change, we need better testing
time on large scale for a longer period of time. Especially with the hal
-> udev switch, making a new code path to test and supporting those new
devices fully will take more time than few weeks (some issues like can
- introducing it now as default is also unknown in regard to CD size and
such adjustment are too close to the maverick release.

Just note that upstream worked very hard and in an active way on that. I
want to particularly thanks Alan McGovern, Alex Launi, and Nathan
McCallum for porting banshee from hal to udev. They did a fantastic job
and are very nice people to work with. I also
want to thank the #debian-cli guys for their wonderful work (in rush
time!) and OMG
Ubuntu for the call for testing.

So we just deferred banshee by default for this cycle. Natty should see
the release of a complete banshee switch by default and a full testing
for the netbook edition.

Banshee will still be available from universe with an up-to-date and
good release for anyone wanting to use it in maverick.


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