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Hi all,

There was a discussion about this email in the western edition and
this continued into the eastern edition.  The decision was to trial a
new weekly summary format, which we will use for the next meeting (30

The instructions:
 * The summary is here:
 * Any Ubuntu desktop team member can update this list.
 * You can add any item to the list that you consider useful to
another team member or someone interested in what the desktop team is
 * Insert new items where you think the importance is, the list is
sorted highest to lowest.
 * You can update this list at any time during the week (and you are
encouraged to).
 * At the end of the week, before the meeting, this list will be
"cleaned up" by Jason and I and emailed to this mailing list.

 * This should not take any more time than the current system.  Note
if it does.
 * There are no categories (e.g. USC, U1, X).  This is to keep the
experiment simple and it will hopefully be clear if we need them.
 * There are no per-person lists, add an attribution after the item if
you want.
 * Feedback, feedback, feedback!

- --Robert

On 18/11/10 11:11, Robert Ancell wrote:
> And to follow up about technology etc...
> In my opinion the current activity reports are more about proving
> you've done a weeks worth of work, than providing a good summary
> of what's happened in a week. I'd like to see the summary more
> like this:
> * x new bugs were opened, y were closed * We completed x items in
> the work tracker. We are ahead of the trend line. * x packages
> were updated in natty. * The CD size grew by xMB to yMB. * The
> FooBar app is now 10x more awesome! Thanks to the x for making
> this change. * Remmina has replaced tsclient on the CD, please try
> it an let us know if it is an improvement. * We are behind in
> updating GNOME, please have a look at
> http://people.canonical.com/~platform/desktop/versions.html and
> help out if you can * Compiz is delayed due to issues with the
> packaging, please have a look at the
> lp:~ubuntu-desktop/compiz/new_version branch for the current
> progress * Intel users may have some issues with the updated video
> driver, please report bugs to z.
> Note that some of this information can be automatically pulled
> from Launchpad etc.
> We discussed how to produce the manual information. The options
> seem to be: - The Wiki - Etherpad - status.net
> If people are interested in producing the high-detail reports we
> need to consider where/how to produce those, and then boil them
> down to a good summary.
> --Robert
>> Today in the Eastern Edition
> of the Desktop meeting we discussed
>> the structure and purpose of the weekly Desktop meetings.
> I'll try
>> and summarise some of the points raised and propose some
> ideas.
>> While the current meetings are working well, some of the
>> challenges raised were: * Participants being split across
>> timezones * Most participants work in different domains so
>> traditional meeting structure may not be appropriate * The
> team is
>> growing * How useful is the meeting summary? [1]
>> I propose we more tightly define what the meeting purpose
> is, such
>> as: * The meeting scope is the Ubuntu Desktop product * The
> purpose
>> of the meeting is to share information about
> progress/issues * The
>> meetings are open to everyone in the community * The
> meetings
>> should not take significant time * There will be more than
> one
>> meeting so participants from around the world can join in *
> The
>> output of the meetings will be a wiki page summarising the
> weekly
>> progress: * Actions to be taken * New work completed *
> Issues
>> raised
>> The summary should be useful to the following people: *
> Ubuntu
>> Desktop team members * Potential Desktop team members who
> want to
>> know what is going on / look for areas where they can
> contribute *
>> Media (e.g. OMG Ubuntu) who want an official record of what
> is
>> going on in the Desktop product
>> We also discussed some technology, but I'll leave that to
> follow
>> up emails to keep this email short.
>> --Robert
>> [1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2010-11-16
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