Cruft Remover (system-cleaner-gtk.deb) in the default desktop install?

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Feb 23 12:19:44 GMT 2009

Hello Lars,

sorry for letting this slip for so long!

Lars Wirzenius [2009-02-02 17:18 +0200]:
> > > I would like to explore the possiblity of including it in the default
> > > install for jaunty.
> [...]

> Those parts of Cruft Remover that make sense to run at upgrade time will
> be run by Update Manager at upgrade time.

Aha, great to hear.

> However, not all parts make sense at that point: for example, Cruft
> Remover will be finding .dpkg-old and .dpkg-new files, and those
> should be inspected by the sysadmin before they are deleted. Thus,
> it doesn't really make sense to have update-manager automatically
> delete them, in my opinion.

I agree. On the other hand this is not really something that you must
do on your computer, since it doesn't take a significant amount of
disk space.

> Does this change your mind about installing Cruft Remover by default?

I wouldn't impose it to everyone just because of old conffiles, but it
certainly makes sense to me if you can use it for freeing a lot of
disk space, when it becomes scarce. I. e. with apt-get autoremove,
remove huge rotated log files, cleaning stuff in ~/.cache, clean old
kernels, etc. Does it do any of those? If so, then let's add it to the
desktop seed.

Thank you!


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