Cruft Remover (system-cleaner-gtk.deb) in the default desktop install?

Lars Wirzenius lars at
Mon Feb 2 15:18:04 GMT 2009

su, 2009-02-01 kello 23:02 +0100, Martin Pitt kirjoitti:
> Lars Wirzenius [2009-01-20 21:03 +0200]:
> > I would like to explore the possiblity of including it in the default
> > install for jaunty.
> I would be glad to provide users with the possibility of using the
> tool after upgrades. However, I'm a bit concerned about offering it by
> default in a fresh standard installation, since it might be confusing
> there.
> Since it is quite tighly related to upgrading, would it be possible to
> have update-manager offer to run it, at the time when it offers to
> remove universe packages? Could this step disappear entirely and be
> replaced with installation and running of cruft-remover, which would
> take over removal of not-supported-any-more packages (which went to
> universe), plus the other things it is doing?
> Or wouldn't make this sense for some other reason?

Those parts of Cruft Remover that make sense to run at upgrade time will
be run by Update Manager at upgrade time. However, not all parts make
sense at that point: for example, Cruft Remover will be
finding .dpkg-old and .dpkg-new files, and those should be inspected by
the sysadmin before they are deleted. Thus, it doesn't really make sense
to have update-manager automatically delete them, in my opinion.

Since Cruft Remover is a dedicated tool, it will (eventually) be able to
handle such things in a better fashion than Update Manager. For example,
since the .dpkg-old/new files are rarely problematic, it's OK for Update
Manager to not remove them, and let users who care use Cruft Remover to
get rid of them.

Does this change your mind about installing Cruft Remover by default?

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