Cruft Remover (system-cleaner-gtk.deb) in the default desktop install?

Lars Wirzenius lars at
Mon Feb 23 15:29:11 GMT 2009

ma, 2009-02-23 kello 13:19 +0100, Martin Pitt kirjoitti: 
> I wouldn't impose it to everyone just because of old conffiles, but it
> certainly makes sense to me if you can use it for freeing a lot of
> disk space, when it becomes scarce. I. e. with apt-get autoremove,
> remove huge rotated log files, cleaning stuff in ~/.cache, clean old
> kernels, etc. Does it do any of those? If so, then let's add it to the
> desktop seed.

Computer Janitor (nee System Cleaner, also known as Cruft Remover
*sigh*) has been removing autoremovable packages since intrepid. Also
unsupported packages. It also removes old kernels, but indirectly, as
part of removing unsupported packages. It does not touch user files;
that may be added some day, but not for jaunty.

Rotated log files should be removed by logrotate -- I'm not sure it's
worth deleting them especially, since the sysadmin supposedly wants a
specific rotation schedule. (If anything, logrotate should perhaps be
configured to keep only small amounts of logs by default, limited by
disk space usage.)

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