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Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Thu Oct 9 21:38:24 BST 2008

Martin Pitt wrote:
> Hi Ken, hey Mark,
> Kenneth Wimer [2008-10-06 14:01 +0200]:
>> I am going through the gnome-themes package looking into what we need and what 
>> we don't need. As far as I can tell the only theme we need from this is the 
>> high-contrast-* themes. Crux, Glider and Co could easily go into another 
>> theme package which is installable by the user if so wished.
> What is the rationale of this? They are part of GNOME upstream, so
> both upstream and users would get pretty angry about it (and upstream
> already explicitly expressed that). Upstream did remove some crufty
> themes a while ago, and said that they will not remove any of the
> current ones anytime soon. We have 8 themes by default, that's not too
> much for the dialog either IMHO.
What's the size-on-CD saving of removing the themes we don't want?

> Doing that split would introduce quite expensive packaging changes, a
> permanent delta from Debian,
Errr.... don't we package Gnome ahead of Debian?

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