removing themes

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Thu Oct 9 21:54:39 BST 2008

Mark Shuttleworth [2008-10-09 21:38 +0100]:
> What's the size-on-CD saving of removing the themes we don't want?

The entire package is 270 kB. I guess we want to keep some of them
(Clearlooks, Inverted for a11y), so we would talk about some 150 kB.

> > Doing that split would introduce quite expensive packaging changes, a
> > permanent delta from Debian,
> Errr.... don't we package Gnome ahead of Debian?

We do, Debian is currently at the hardy version. That's actually the
least of my concerns, too (building a new binary package is still
relatively cheap), I'm more worried about the bad press we'd get from
upstream and whoever else.


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