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Thu Oct 9 21:00:22 BST 2008

Hi Ken, hey Mark,

Kenneth Wimer [2008-10-06 14:01 +0200]:
> I am going through the gnome-themes package looking into what we need and what 
> we don't need. As far as I can tell the only theme we need from this is the 
> high-contrast-* themes. Crux, Glider and Co could easily go into another 
> theme package which is installable by the user if so wished.

What is the rationale of this? They are part of GNOME upstream, so
both upstream and users would get pretty angry about it (and upstream
already explicitly expressed that). Upstream did remove some crufty
themes a while ago, and said that they will not remove any of the
current ones anytime soon. We have 8 themes by default, that's not too
much for the dialog either IMHO.

Doing that split would introduce quite expensive packaging changes, a
permanent delta from Debian, we have to make sure that upgrades won't
break (and thus have to install and support the other themes anyway
for upgrades), and won't even safe a significant amount of CD space.

In summary, it would cause a lot of work for no apparent advantage and
just cause trouble. So why bother?

Thanks for any clarification!


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